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A plus A 2021
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A plus A 2021



Date: 10/24/2021- 10/27/2021

Place: Dusseldorf, Germany

Location: Dusseldorf Exhibition Center


The Dusseldorf International Industrial Safety and Health Exhibition in Germany was founded in 1954 by Dusseldorf Exhibition Co., Ltd., one of the five largest exhibition groups in Germany, and held every two years. After more than half a century of development, the exhibition has become the largest and most radiating professional exhibition in the field of personal protection and occupational health and safety in the world. Labor insurance and security equipment manufacturers from all over the world are here to display the latest technology, products, solutions and innovative ideas of the industry. The specific exhibits include personal protective equipment, safe transmission devices in the working environment, software and hardware equipment for noise protection, and fire prevention equipment, radioactive material safety protection equipment, electric shock protection equipment, industrial safety products in high-risk environments, etc.


In order to adapt to the market development trend and the needs of enterprise safety production, the exhibition also derived a new theme of "special equipment for disaster management" from the three traditional themes of "personal safety, occupational health, and company safety", focusing on emergency medicine,  technical rescue, basic protection, purification technology, control and communication technology, and other technologies and equipment closely related to disaster prevention and relief, so as to make the exhibition content more comprehensive and richer in connotation.


Exhibit categories:

1. Security industry: detection/anti-terrorism; biometrics; cable/energy/lighting; communication; computer security; control/training/verification/risk management; detection (theft, intrusion)/alarm; identification/access control; comprehensive Systems; IT and network security; media/institutions; services (remote security, security alert, safe transportation); independent worker protection (LWP); perimeter security; information security; mechanical security (safes, locks, armed equipment and vehicles, etc.); telecommunications/transmission/network; video surveillance;


2. Occupational protection: site design/work environment; control/training/verification/risk management; purification; ergonomics and workstation planning; hygiene/cleaning/processing; transmission/lifting/storage; media/institutions; safety tools; first aid ; Noise protection/acoustics; independent worker protection (LWP); hand protection and hygiene; head protection and hygiene, respiratory protection; foot protection and hygiene; air quality (dust removal/inhalation/treatment); industrial and environmental hazards; Machine safety; road safety; safety of working at height; clothing (work clothes); Fire Fighting: Smoke/Smoking/Ventilation; Cable/Energy/Lighting; Isolation/Fire/Dry Prevention; Control/Training/Verification/Risk Management; Fire Detection/Alarm; Fixed and Mobile Fire Extinguishing Systems; Maintenance; Fire Fighting and Rescue Equipment; Media /mechanism.