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What are the OSHA Requirements Regarding an Eye Wash Unit?
0 2022-04-17

Emergency shower and eye washes are installed in environments where workers are exposed to harmful and corrosive substances. These toxic and harmful substances may exist in different forms, such as solids, liquids, powders, mists, or vapors, and these substances' contact with exposed eyes or skin of staff may result in serious injury to staff's eyes or skin.


In addition to the ANSI standard, the current standard for emergency shower eye washes also includes OSHA regulations, which require companies to provide emergency shower and eye washes for workplaces with potential chemical hazards.

The OSHA requirements for emergency eyewashes and showers, found at 29 CFR 1910.151(c), indicate that "where the eyes or body of any person may be exposed to injurious corrosive materials, suitable facilities for quick drenching or flushing of the eyes and body shall be provided within the work area for immediate emergency use." 

At the same time, OSHA defines "exposed to injurious corrosive materials" as the exposure to hazardous chemicals by any route, including potential exposure.


In addition to this, OSHA also regulates emergency shower eyewashes:  Enterprises must provide material safety data sheets (MSDS) at the workplace indicating the various hazardous chemicals used, which can help provide the information needed to design appropriate exposure precautions and corresponding emergency and first aid tutorials.

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