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Why Safety Flammable Cabinets are Important?
0 2022-03-18

Safety flammable cabinets are a staple if you are storing dangerous liquids in remote or high occupancy sites. They identify and warn of flammable contents, and keep them safely organized and separated from other objects. If you are storing certain liquids or materials, these cabinets comply with OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association regulations.


Safety Flammable Cabinet


Flammable cabinets are used to protect flammable contents for a certain amount of time during fire conditions. This allows for extra time for evacuation and gives emergency responders more time to control the fire before it gets to the dangerous material. There are many safety features like automatic closing doors, ventilation systems, and pumps to funnel spills so that the contents stay dry. These cabinets also help increase efficiency, since you can store the hazardous materials where they will be used, and you are able to store higher quantities of flammable and combustible liquids in certain areas.


Common Applications to Use Safety Cabinets

· Cruise ships

· Offshore drilling sites

· High rise buildings

· Remote agricultural and production facilities

· Laboratories and research facilities

· Universities and hospital complexes

· Sports arenas

· Theme parks

· Malls

· Electronics factory

· Petrochemical plant

· Paper mill

If you have hazardous materials to store, look into safety flammable cabinets. They comply with various regulations and can increase efficiency. Contact us for more information on safety cabinets.