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How to Choose the Correct Eyewash in Various Workplaces?
0 2021-12-08

1. When users need to wear chemical protective clothing to enter the scene for work or rescue, they need to use a combination type eyewash to spray and wash their eyes. Because the user may spray a lot of chemical substances on his chemical protective clothing after working or entering the rescue site, it is very dangerous for other personnel to come into contact with the users chemical protective clothing. Therefore, the user must first be required to wear chemical protective clothing, and the spray system of the combination eyewash must be used for a large amount of cleaning before being able to contact him.


When firefighters or other on-site personnel are fighting the fire, their clothing will be ignited by the fire at any time, and the spray system of the combination eyewash can be used to extinguish the fire.


2. In places where only eye washing is needed for rescue, you can use a wall-mounted eyewash or a pedestal eyewash.  

Wall-mounted eyewash and pedestal eyewash can only be used to clean the eyes, face and hands. The wall-mounted eyewash can be installed on the wall inside or outside the workshop. The installation height of the eyewash nozzle is the same as the pedestal eyewash, and the height range is 1.00M to 1.10M. When it is inconvenient to install on the wall, you can use a pedestal eyewash.


3. In the laboratory, due to space constraints, under normal circumstances, a desktop eyewash is installed.


4. The portable eyewash is convenient to move the eyewash to the required position. However, the conditions of use are very harsh, and the site needs to be relatively spacious and the ground relatively flat. At the same time, the maintenance cost is relatively high.


5. The portable pressure eyewash can be moved to any position without any restrictions. It is suitable for work sites without water source, and the use time is 30 minutes. There are stainless steel portable pressure eyewash and plastic portable pressure eyewash.


6. If there is no fixed water source and you need to change the working place frequently, you can use the wall-mounted eyewash bucket. At the same time, the maintenance cost is relatively high.


7. In the north cold areas, when using an eyewash in winter, there are two problems:


The first problem: In the cold winter in the north, the water will freeze in the eyewash, which seriously affects the rescue function of the eyewash. In severe cases, the ice completely blocks the water pipe of the eyewash, causing the eyewash is not working at all.


The second problem: In the winter in the north, when using the eyewash to wash the eyes or spray, the temperature of the water is very cold, and the user hopes that the water sprayed from the eyewash is hot.


According to the ANSI Z358-1-2004 standard, the temperature of the outlet water of the eyewash and shower equipment should be lukewarm, so that the human body feels comfortable. However, if the temperature of the hot water will promote or accelerate the chemical reaction of some substances in the water with the human body, medical experts should be consulted to ensure the most suitable temperature, and the water temperature should not change too much, otherwise it will cause greater harm to the human body.