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Knowledge of the Heat Tracing Emergency Eyewash and Shower
0 2021-05-11

When the ordinary emergency eyewash and shower is installed in a working area with a low temperature, the water remaining in the device will form a solid due to low-temperature freezing. When the device is activated, the water in the pipeline becomes solid and unable to flow, blocking the normal water supply and preventing the device from working normally. When workers in dangerous areas have accidents and need emergency treatment, if the device fails to work properly and in time, the treatment results will be severely affected. Therefore, it is recommended to install an electric heat tracing emergency eyewash and shower in a dangerous work area of low temperature. To ensure that the water in the device does not freeze.


When the electric heating type eyewash and shower device is not activated, the water in the device is in a liquid state due to the heat generated by the electric heating cable wound on the water pipe after being energized. In this way, the water supply in the pipeline will not be affected by freezing due to low temperature, so that the emergency shower and eyewash device can supply water and operation normally. And when the temperature is low, the key parts of the valve in the device will never be brittle when the temperature is low, and it will never affect the use effect. Note that the electric heating cable is a non-heater and has a certain heating time, so it only has a heating effect on the water in the device when the eyewash is not started. The temperature is generally controlled at 15-38 degrees by the temperature controller.



1. Material: all made of SUS304 stainless steel. Acid and alkali are resistant and corrosion-resistant. Can be used outdoors.

2. Surface treatment: polished stainless steel, high brightness, long-term preservation of brightness as new.

3. Quality Assurance: The shower main body and valve core switch are guaranteed for no water leakage for 5 years under normal use. If there is a failure, water leakage, and other quality problems in the case of non-human damage within 5 years, they will be replaced free of charge.

4. Assemble the filter valve and the main valve switch: Because there is a lot of debris, scale, and dirt in the tap water pipeline, the situation of the newly installed tap water pipeline is especially worse. These sundries, scales, and dirt often block the eyeballs and shower trays, which affect the use of emergency showers and eyewash devices. In order to solve this problem, emergency showers and eyewashes are installed with a valve and filter in the source of the water, and the sundries are intercepted in front of the filter. However, the user must clean the filter regularly according to the on-site situation. The method of cleaning the filter is very simple, as long as the valve is closed and the water source is cut off, the filter can be disassembled and cleaned.



The electric heating eyewash can only be used to heat and freeze the eyewash, there is no way to increase the temperature of the water from the eyewash; if you need to increase the temperature of the water from the eyewash, you must choose an electrically heated eyewash.


The electric heat tracing eyewash is equipped with an automatic emptying device. After using the eyewash, it can automatically empty the water in the eyewash elbow.


The electric heating elements are all explosion-proof, the insulation layer is made of environmentally friendly rubber and plastic materials, and the outer layer is made of PP pipes that are resistant to corrosion by various chemicals.