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What’s the Function of Vents in Chemical Storage Cabinets?
0 2021-02-04

The two ventilation holes of the safety storage cabinets have fireproof mesh, which can play a role in ventilation under the premise of ensuring safety.


It’s easy to volatilize and accumulate harmful gases if chemicals have stored in chemical storage cabinets for a long time. Since the safety cabinet is a relatively confined space, these harmful gases can not be discharged in time. If you smell a pungent odor when you open the door of the cabinet, it often means the safety storage cabinet needs ventilation.


Generally speaking, there is a cover on ventilation holes on each side of the safety cabinet. Usually, the cover is closed, however, when the chemical is stored for a long time and the ventilation indoor is not good enough, the cover needs to be removed regularly to strengthen the ventilation effect.


In addition, the size of the ventilation hole complies with the standard of ventilation ducts, therefore, the safety cabinet could connect to an indoor ventilation system or an independent ventilation system, which could ensure that the volatilization of harmful gases.