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How to ensure Safety Storage of Chemical Hazardous Materials?
0 2020-01-08

1. Chemical dangerous goods need to be classified in different chemical storage cabinets, the stacks must be firm and reliable, and the main passage between the stacks should be kept in a safe range, furthermore, excessive storage in safety cabinet is forbidden.


2. The warehouse of chemical dangerous goods should be equipped with safe and reliable lightning protection devices, such as flammable liquid storage, combustible cabinet and corrosive storage cabinet, meanwhile, regular inspection must be satisfied.3


3. Strict operating procedures must be implemented. The staff must acknowledge relevant safety regulations while entering the warehouse, besides, illegal operations are strictly prohibited, for example, the door of chemical storage cabinets must be closed after use.


4. Chemical hazards that easily burn, explode, or emit toxic gases when meet water or moisture should not be stored in open air, damp, and low-lying water, classifying in particular safety cabinet is recommended.


5. Chemically hazardous materials which can easily burn, explode or emit toxic gases under sunlight, moreover, barreled or canned flammable liquids and gases should be stored in flammable liquid storage or acid storage cabinet which located a cool and ventilated place. In summer, cooling water pipes, water spray, water discharge, ventilation, etc. should be installed. In order to reduce the temperature inside warehouse.


6. Chemical hazardous materials with conflicting properties or has different protection and fire extinguishing methods shall not be stored in the same warehouse or the same storage room, because if chemical hazard materials with conflicting properties are mixed together, it is easy to cause chemical reactions, heat generation, combustion or explosion.


7. Sufficient fire extinguishing equipment should be provided according to the nature of the stored dangerous goods, and the staff should be trained and know how to use it.