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What is the Proper Outlet Water Temperature of Emergency Eyewash Station?
0 2019-06-26

ANSIZ358.1-2004 specify that the temperature of the emergency eyewash station should be "warm", furthermore, the temperature is defined that it should be between 60-100 degrees Fahrenheit (5.6 ℃ -37.8 ℃) to ensure the instant outlet water temperature within that temperature range and lasts for more than 15 minutes.


EN15154-1: 2006 states: if the temperature of the outlet water exceeds 37 degrees Celsius, it has been confirmed to be harmful to the eyes. It may cause cross infection of chemicals between eyes and skin and further physical damage.


If the temperature of the outlet water is too low, the user may not be able to stand under the eye wash station, which may causing much severe injury. As the lower limit of warm water, 15 ° C is appropriate without causing the user's body temperature to become too low.